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Shift Coaching and Leadership exists to empower people and organizations to live and lead in ways that make a difference. We inspire people to lead from the heart in their relationships and workplaces to fulfill their purpose of creating an impact for themselves and others. We believe that each person strives to be more fulfilled, more connected and to experience more joy and satisfaction in their lives. Whatever it is for you, what we know for sure is that it begins with a little Shift.



We offer both one on one and group coaching sessions and packages that are suitable for both individuals and organizations. Our coaches empower you to move beyond limiting beliefs, habits and processes that leave you stuck, frustrated and disempowered. We take you into the world of discovery and possibility and together create actionable steps that lead to real results in every area of your life. Working with a coach can breath new life into your relationships, your career and have you exceeding yourself in every area of your life! Individual and group packages available.



Whether you are already in a position of leadership or you are looking for an edge that will have you rising to the top of your organization, we've got tools that will make a measurable difference immediately. Leadership is changing. Gone are the days of "top down" implementation. Today's successful leaders know how to inspire rather than "require." They lead with heart and generate inspiration through their own actions. Check our our cutting-edge leadership programs that teach you the art of heart-led leadership and how putting people first pays off for everyone.



We believe that all problems that we encounter are actually inter-personal relationship problems. Improve your relationships and you feel more fulfilled, more joyful and more at ease. Let us give you the tools that will lead you to more connected, generous and intimate ways of being in relationship and to more peace and happiness in your life!


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Pam Rader is a fun, inspirational and engaging speaker who always strives to leave an impact on her audience. If you are looking for someone to kick off an event or present life-changing tools to your audience then you've come to the right place!


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