Become the Catalyst: 200-hour Coaching Certification

Format: Four immersive weekends, conducted via Zoom calls

This comprehensive 200-hour program will give you the skills to become a professional coach or enhance your abilities as a leader, trainer, or facilitator of change. Why coaching? Coaching is the new yoga. People are recognizing that we all do better with some support and encouragement and they are actively seeking coaches who align with their needs. Let’s face it, we can all use some guidance at times, and sometimes therapy isn’t a fit. Great coaches work with the client to understand and appreciate where they’ve come from, interrupt old patterns that no longer serve them, create new habits, and develop strategies to bring forth their most fulfilling future in alignment with what matters most to them. Coaching is an incredibly satisfying career that leaves you with the flexibility to build your own schedule and live a fulfilling life dedicated to serving others. It is also a must-have attribute for those in the field of personal training, nutrition, wellness, entrepreneurship, and leadership positions. Become the catalyst for real and lasting change in your life and the lives of others.