Emerging Leaders

Format: 5-hour live session with Todd and Pam, followed by three 90-minute Zoom calls or another 5-hour live session (approx. 10 hours of training)

This program will teach you how to bring the heart to your leadership. We believe that the root of most obstacles in a corporate environment stem from interpersonal relationships. When we can improve interpersonal relationships through heart-led leadership, we can create never before seen results. Learn to take a team from obligation to inspiration where they are committed to being a contribution to each other and the business. For anyone who has done previous leadership training, this will expand your skills to a new level. For those who haven’t, this is the best platform to learn the skills of relationship-based leadership that leaves both the leader and the team feeling seen, heard, valued and empowered.

Minimum 6 participants.

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  • Kara Kirkwood
    The feedback has been extremely positive from the participants. The group has formed a very tight bond and each of them has a new way of looking. They are realizing they can make change; they have the power to change the future in a positive way both at home and at work. It is a pleasure to see the shift in how this group operates and relates to others; I see change in how they are approaching situations. It has become much easier for me to work with each of these individuals knowing they have received this new level of training. We can speak the same language, and we can share expectations and an understanding of how to shape the future.
    Kara Kirkwood
    Valley Medical Laboratories

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