Facilitator Training

Format: Five 90-minute Zoom calls

This program is for anyone who is in a position of leadership, leading a team, one on one meetings, supervisory, management, owner capacity, leading organizations and sports teams, potentially be facilitating skill development, workshops, and transformative programs.

The promise of this program is that you will gain a mastery of the skills necessary to create and facilitate optimal environments for communication, growth, learning and cultural shift in any capacity or organization, whether you are in management or supervision, the coach of a sports team, lead board meetings, responsible for hiring, facilitating skill development, if you are in sales, or own your own business, or if aspire to rise to leadership in your organization, or if you are simply interested in understanding behavioral science, this course is for you. If any of these apply to you, this course will give you the edge that will set you apart, and you can’t afford not to take it!