Relationship Breakthrough

Format: Six 90-minute Zoom calls

This is for anyone in a relationship with other human beings (yes that means you!) Whether your relationship is solid or if you’re on the verge of a breakdown, this course is for you. Through understanding human behavior, needs, and values, learn to enliven, deepen, and intentionally create relationships from a place of seeking to understand rather than seeking to be understood. Learn how to consciously align with your highest values and bring those forth into all of your relationships to foster meaningful, deep connections.

Minimum 6 participants.


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Facilitator Training

This program is for anyone who is in a position of leadership, leading a team, one on one meetings, supervisory, management, owner capacity, leading organizations and sports teams, potentially be facilitating skill development, workshops, and transformative programs.

Emerging Leaders

This program will teach you how to bring the heart to your leadership. We believe that the root of most obstacles in a corporate environment stem from interpersonal relationships. When we can improve interpersonal relationships through heart-led leadership, we can create never-before-seen results.

Communication Breakthrough

Learn how to turn complaints into requests. Not getting what you want leads to repression, resentment, rejection, and resignation. Learn the true cost of unexpressed assumptions, expectations, and desires and how to make a shift from the structure of top-down orders and implementation to choice-based creative listening and expression in your organization.

Feedback as Freedom

Learn the importance of giving powerful feedback and receiving feedback as an opportunity for growth that is in essence a gift. As a leader, learn how to create an environment where growth is the most important thing and feedback is a natural expression of the culture of your organization.

Breakdowns to Breakthroughs

This course is for anyone who is experiencing a lack of workability in their workplace or their lives. Learn how the “fear of getting in trouble” is actually causing a breakdown of integrity in your organization and your life. We will dissect what integrity is and isn’t and give you the real tools to restore integrity and therefore workability in every area of your life.