Who We Are

Pam Rader

In 1999 I began practicing Baptiste Yoga to heal my back. To my great surprise my back wasn’t the only thing that felt stronger, healthier and pain free. The leadership tools within the Baptiste methodology healed my life and empowered me in ways that I never dreamed possible. I moved from feeling stuck to feeling powerful as the artist, author and creator of my own life. After a decade of teaching yoga, 1n 2010 I went on to train directly with Baron Bapitste and stepped onto the path of becoming a certified Baptiste Yoga teacher.

Fast forward to today. I am a Baptiste Certified Teacher, the owner of Shift Power Yoga West Kelowna, the co-owner of Shift Power Yoga Vancouver and the founder of the Shift Power Yoga Franchise which has studios in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Airdrie Alberta and Kamloops BC. I am blessed to be the leader of a spectacular tribe of teachers who share this work with the world selflessly and passionately. It has been my honour and commitment to create something beyond a “business as usual” yoga studio and instead bring forth a vision of a community of acceptance, belonging, service, inspiration and extraordinary living.

In addition to creating a space to learn and grow for our students and community I was compelled to create an extraordinary training system to nurture the next generation of yoga teachers and leaders in our community and on the planet. In 2015 I launched the Shift Power Yoga Teacher Training Institute which operates as registered 200 and 300 hour accredited Yoga Teacher Training School with the Yoga Alliance of North America. We have successfully trained hundreds of amazing teachers who are making real change on the planet.

What came next seemed inevitable to me. After being shocked and dismayed to learn that one of my children was struggling with a serious addiction I had to use the tools in new and more profound ways to heal our relationship and help us move forward into healing his life. It was clear that the tools worked all the time, every time and with every person who chose to use them and I needed to share this medicine with more humans. I wondered how I could empower more people and help guide them out of limitation and into possibility even in really dark and seemingly desperate situations. I knew not everyone would get on a yoga mat so I began my search for the perfect Life Coach Training course and signed up with the Robbins-Maddanes Institute’s world class training.

Now, a successful Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach, speaker, leadership development facilitator and soon to be author, I am delighted and excited to be sharing these incredible tools with individuals and companies through my newest venture, Shift Coaching and Leadership Inc.

I live in the Central Okanagan nearby my amazing parents and extended family. I am truly, madly and deeply in love with my husband Chris, I am the proud mother of four incredible boys who are now beautiful men and I am living a life that both fills me up and contributes to others in a meaningful way. I can’t wait to help you step into your power and live your most fulfilled life!

Todd Schafers

I have worked in the western Canadian Energy Industry for 20 years. In that time I have experienced many approaches to supervision, management and leadership. In 2013 I was introduced to Power Yoga and began practicing regularly as an access to better health and a calmer mind.

In 2015 I met Pam Rader. She became my mentor as I studied Baptiste Yoga with her as way to heal and transform myself into a leader that would inspire others to lead from connection, love and integrity. Through these practices and techniques I have been able shift my vision, get out of my old habits and perceptions and learn to stand for the greatness of those around me. The burning question became “How can we share these tools outside of the yoga studio ?” Shift Coaching and Leadership was born.

I am a Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach as well as a Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor, Co- Owner of Shift Power Yoga Sylvan Lake, Co-Owner of Shift Coaching and Leadership and an Executive Leader in Oil and Gas. I am a loving husband and father of two boys.

My purpose in life is to inspire everyone to live from their highest intention.

I look forward to working together.

Lexi Heron

My journey back to my own power began with my first program at Shift Power Yoga in 2016. I signed up to be a yoga teacher and got way more than I bargained for! Through the practices and techniques of the trainings that I participated in, I found my way back to my own power, accessed a new level of passion and couldn’t wait to share the tools with others.

A good leader is always learning and I continued to study with Shift Power Yoga’s sister company, Shift Coaching and Leadership, with the intention of becoming an impactful life coach who helped others regain passion and purpose in their lives. Additionally I obtained a certification from the Robbins-Maddanes Institute as a Strategic Intervention Coach in 2019. Always a student, I remain in ongoing training with the Shift Leadership team and strive to continue growing to always be of the highest service to others.

Having left an unfulfilling career in the mining industry to first travel the world and then to pursue my dream of serving others in a powerful and impactful way has been the greatest accomplishment of my life! I can’t wait to help you SHIFT your vision and take your POWER back as the creator and master of your own life!

I'm offering all of my coaching sessions on a "Pay What You Can" basis.

Please contact me at Happilylex@gmail.com with any and all questions.

I can't wait to hear from you!